Customers or clients? Staff or shareholders? Partners, patients, the public or the press? No matter who you want to communicate with and why, we can help you use the web to do just that more effectively. That's because we understand the wider business context, the commercial imperatives and the need to achieve your objectives.

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 Web Hosting makes a web site accessible via the World Wide Web. Reliability is the key to success on the Internet. With our high quality redundant systems you can be sure that your web site is always available for your customers.We are able to carry out a domain name search, register .au domain names and even provide a free domain name and free web hosting for your website with our web design packages.

   We offer the following service for our customers:-

  Domain Registration Arrange your web hosting
  Webmail configuration Managing Hosing Space

We purchase your domain and hosting on your behalf and all details are forwarded when they are available. It generally takes 48 hours from the purchase of the domain and hosting before the web space is available to use. Domain names are renewed every two years and web hosting needs to be renewed on an annual basis. We will send you a reminder when both are due.

Our qualified team of specialists is available 24/7 to ensure the best performance of your website and provide reliable tech support.